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Marketers are often building cyber assets — websites, Facebook pages, YouTube brand channels and so on — because everyone seems to be doing so. Not much thought goes into the strategy or the execution. The outcome is a collection of disconnected properties that diffuse and disorient their brand, and confuse customers.

It is crucially important that before you execute, you have a cohesive strategy that integrates all offline and online brand assets, such that all the elements play well coordinated, yet distinct roles. That your brand’s communication and imagery remains intact as customers move across the media platforms, yet each channel contributes incrementally to its equity.

This guidebook will help you achieve these outcomes. It will give you a clear understanding of the building blocks that constitute digital marketing, and equip you with the tools, the techniques and the knowledge to develop cohesive market strategies, and prepare and execute effective digital marketing campaigns.

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Exhibit  LinkedIn’s Audience. (Source: LinkedIn, 2019).

A social networking platform that is business and employment-oriented, LinkedIn is the largest global community of business professionals. It is a unique and powerful marketing platform, especially for business marketers.

Focussing mainly on the use of LinkedIn for digital marketing, this chapter covers details of organic reach and paid advertising on the network, and the advertising options and formats.

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