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Strategic Marketing Workshop — Consumer Marketing

This website provides the key elements and the general framework for the Strategic Marketing Workshop. The programme, however, is custom designed; the duration varies from 3 to 5 days, and the schedule and venue vary in accordance with preferences.

Core aspects such as the experientially learning component and the Marketing Analytics eGuide are integral to the workshops. Many of the topics and the case studies, however, vary according to participants’ requirements.

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This Strategic Marketing programme combines theory with practice, linking the classroom with the FMCG workplace. It employs Destiny©, a business simulator that mirrors the buying behaviour of consumers, to give participants the unique experience of running a virtual organization. Participants strive to successfully manage and grow their organization; they engage in a broad array of business processes ranging from product development, marketing, retailing, category management, trade marketing and negotiations, financial planning and business strategy.

Participants compete in the marketplace, build relationships with trade partners, deploy the tools and techniques that marketers and retailers use to assess their mix and manage their portfolios, and develop an intuitive understanding of the underlying forces that drive FMCG markets.

The workshop is taught in an application and experience oriented fashion through the Destiny© simulation exercise that spans the duration of the workshop. Class discussions, case studies and presentations facilitate the development of a deeper understanding of the subject. Participants acquire critical analysis and decision making abilities to prepare them to tackle the marketing and business issues they are likely to confront on their jobs.