Exhibit  Facial coding increasingly used for testing copy and content.


Competing in a data-driven world, marketers need to embrace marketing analytics. This course provides them guidance on how to deploy emerging processes and techniques, and make better use of marketing research and analytics.

It is intended for brand managers, consumer analysts as well as seasoned marketing professionals as they relearn marketing in the age of analytics.

Customized to the participant’s specific requirements, the curriculum is configured from this list of potential topics:

The instructor, A/Prof Ashok Charan, has 25 years’ professional experience in marketing and analytics, with organizations like Unilever and Nielsen. He is the author of texts on marketing analytics and digital marketing, the creator of Destiny market simulator, and developer of various analytic tools and solutions for practitioners.

He has been the practice professor in marketing at the NUS Business School since 2009, and has trained marketing practitioners from leading consumer fronting organizations, for the past 15 years.