Learning Objectives


This is a broad-based programme that imparts industry-relevant knowledge and skills in the following areas:

Strategic Marketing Participants execute marketing and business strategies. They analyse, strategize, and review the impact of their marketing decisions over a multi-year time horizon. They become proficient in the use of market knowledge and financial data for day-to-day business decisions.

Marketing and Retailing As they strive to improve the health of their firms, participants acquire functional skills in Brand Management and Category Management.

Business Marketing/Trade Marketing Participants form supplier-retailer relationships as they work with their trade partners to jointly develop marketplace equity.

Negotiation Participants hone their negotiation skills as they thrash out contractual agreements with their trade partners.

Market Intelligence Participants learn to make good use of market analytics and research, and financial data for decision making. Destiny's market dashboards (shown below) empower then with knowledge of a broad array of market variables.

market intelligence dashboard

Marketing Mix Participants grasp what it takes to market a FMCG product. They make trade-offs in product development, refine their advertising messages, set trade prices, and work with retailers to influence shoppers at the point of purchase.

Retailing Mix Participants develop an appreciation of how a retailing business is run. They manage and maintain a portfolio of stores, procure and merchandise products, optimize stocks, set shelf prices, promote, and execute category strategies in their stores.

Teamwork As they strive to meet diverse corporate goals and objectives cutting across their company’s portfolio of brands, participants gain an understanding of the dependencies across categories, among departments and between trade partners. They learn to build constructive working relationships, and collaborate to successfully implement corporate strategies.