This workshop, which imparts the experience of consumer marketing, is of primary relevance to executives in the following disciplines:

  • Marketing, Brand Management
  • Retailing, Category Management
  • Consumer insights, Market research
  • Trade marketing
  • Sales
  • Business leaders, SBU heads

It is also useful for FMCG professionals in general management, finance, procurement, production, R&D and HR. For organizations that are focussed on creating greater customer value, the workshop provides their associates with a clear understanding of market realities, and an appreciation of the challenges in the marketplace, particularly in the context of consumers and trade partners.

Upon completion of this programme, participants learn to apply market intelligence and financial data to formulate result-oriented market strategies. They develop a deeper understanding of the challenges confronting brand management and category management, and gain vital 'experience' in dealing with those challenges. They comprehend the intricacies of supplier-retailer relationships, and hone their negotiation skills. They become proficient in the application of marketing research and analytics. And they gain greater confidence in taking difficult business decisions.